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Template vs Custom

Rooster Grin provides two different options for orthodontic web design: template sites and custom sites. Each type of website has different advantages so there is an option for all types of orthodontic practices.

Template Website
(30 days to launch)

The client selects one of several available templates built in-house by Rooster Grin, then adds the written content and photos. This truncated process has the following advantages:
  • Less Expensive
  • Faster to build
  • Less work for the Orthodontic team
Most clients who select the templated site option, prioritize the lower cost or the faster delivery time.

To learn more about the template website process, take a look at our work with New Fairfield Orthodontics.

Custom Website
(90 - 120 days to launch)

A custom orthodontic website goes through a full design process and, at the end of the process, the client gets a completely unique site that is designed to be optimized for conversions, web performance and showcase the orthodontic office’s competitive advantages. The benefits of a custom website are:
  • Increased conversions due to custom calls to action
  • Stronger brand presence because site is custom to the client
  • Targeted to specific patient demographics for increased conversions
  • Improved site speeds on desktop and mobile
  • Heightened website security
To learn more about the custom website process, take a look at our work with Hollevoet Orthodontics.